PC-CARD – Advanced system for computerized feeding of sows

  • Control of 64 feeding stations (3,000 cattle)
  • Software compatible with 32/64 bit Windows XP and 7 operating systems
  • Control of 2 different types of feed and water
  • Silos stock management Setting of feeding curves for groups or single cattle
  • Maintenance of historical data even after the animal leaved the feeding cycle
  • “Boar Visit” function for detecting sows in heat
  • Possibility of splitting meals with individual parameters
  • Viewing and printing under fed animals, with minimum customizable threshold
  • Meals statistics: general, for group or individual animal
  • Gestation calendar with integrated separator or colour spray
  • Prints and displays with different selection parameters
  • Possibility to use computer with business management and/or accounting software
  • Possibility to transfer data in Word and Excel

PM 11 – Simplified system for feeding of sows

Control of 12 feeding stations and 500 animals LCD display with high brightness Distribution of 2 different types of feed and water Prints with different parameters of selection Silos stock management Sows selection or spray marking Under fed animals report printing Data maintenance in case of electricity failure