The PROSAGRI horse feeder was designed to last over time and was built using components that ensure maximum reliability.




Design special features:

  • Watertight electrical panel complying with IP65 standard
  • Daily watch for programming meal schedules
  • Timer for precise feeding calibration
  • 230/24V AC transformer for dispenser power supply
  • Rotary dispenser with 24 volt AC gear motor
  • Maximum precision in distribution
  • It adapts to different feed types (crushed, pelleted)
  • Robust and reliable structure
  • Hopper made of plastic for food use
  • Capacity 40 litres, equivalent to 25 kg of feed
  • Available with 18 litres capacity (about 12 kg of feed)
  • The semi-transparent material shows the feed level
  • Lid for hermetic seal
  • Angle manger (optional) made of polypropylene for food use