Computerized cattle feeding

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PROSAGRI was founded in 1992 and in a short time it gains experience and high knowledge in the field of computerized feeding systems for dairy cows. The DESIGN and IMPLEMENTATION of our systems are the result of constant technological research and the collaborative relationship with breeders and dealers.

Proper nutrition of the cow has a close relationship with both the milk production and the general well-being state of the animal. Therefore it is necessary to comply with very specific rules and ensure a high level of system reliability. The experience gained over the years has led to the creation of a sophisticated feeding system that guarantees an individual feeding program to each animal, but at the same time is “user friendly”, so easy to be used by the farmer.

Each animal is equipped with an electronic identifier (which can be a collar or attached to the ear). When a cow comes in front of the manger at any feeding station, it is immediately recognized by the system that will dispense the programmed feed for this animal. In the event that the cow has already received the planned ration, or is in a feeding break, the feed will not be dispensed.
The software management keeps track of all meals provided and, at the end of the day or on request, make a list of under fed animals. The breeder can then find out the causes, acting on the animal quickly.


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