Experience and Design

Already in the design phase of the system every detail is carefully evaluated by our technical staff. Details such as: the preparation of the rest area, the placement of the stations, the size and composition of the groups, the movement of animals and the choice of materials, are the result of experience gained over 20 years of market presence and knowledge of methods of breeding sows in groups.
Proper management of the system brings welfare on the farm, greatly reduces the aggressiveness of the animals and increases their reproductive performance. Increase the number of piglets weaned and with a higher birth weight. The tranquillity of the environment, the constant physical activity and safe and precise nutrition, result in a greater reproductive lifespan in a greater number of deliveries.
The success and smooth operation of any system depend, in large part, by the quality of the design. The design of the sows’ gestation department bred in group must take precise factors into account, in order to ensure maximum comfort for the animals and a practice and profitable management for the farmer. Our technical staff is able to provide appropriate solutions for both small dynamic groups and for large farms that rely on static groups.